DALL-E 2: Unlocking the Magic of AI Image Generation with 50 Top Prompts

Artificial intelligence (AI) image generation is a rapidly growing field with endless possibilities. One of the most advanced AI image generators is DALL-E, developed by OpenAI, which can generate unique images from text prompts. In this blog post, we will explore 50 of the best prompts to use with DALL-E to generate a wide range of images.

DALL-E gives you 15 free credits for image generation each month, it’s free to try out right here

[high detailed image of a astronaut in space]

  1. “Create a futuristic city”
  2. “Design a logo for a tech company”
  3. “Generate a portrait of a robot”
  4. “Create a landscape with a volcano”
  5. “Design a car of the future”
  6. “Generate a still life of a vase of flowers”
  7. “Create a fantasy creature (e.g. dragon, unicorn)”
  8. “Design a minimalist house”
  9. “Generate a cityscape at night”
  10. “Create a fashion outfit for a specific occasion (e.g. wedding, party)”
  11. “Design a room with specific furniture and decor (e.g. a living room, a bedroom)”
  12. “Generate a street scene with cars and people”
  13. “Create a portrait of a person with a specific emotion (e.g. happy, sad, surprised)”
  14. “Design a spaceship”
  15. “Generate an abstract geometric pattern”
  16. “Create a simple landscape scene with a mountain and a lake”
  17. “Design a logo for a fashion brand”
  18. “Generate a still life of fruits and vegetables”
  19. “Create a fantasy landscape (e.g. enchanted forest, ice kingdom)”
  20. “Design a futuristic building”
  21. “Generate a portrait of a cat”
  22. “Create a city skyline with tall buildings”
  23. “Design a logo for a sports team”
  24. “Generate a still life of a cup of coffee”
  25. “Create a portrait of a dog”
  26. “Design a logo for a restaurant”
  27. “Generate a still life of a bowl of fruit”
  28. “Generate a still life of a bottle of olive oil”
  29. “Design a logo for a music band”
  30. “Generate a still life of a bottle of wine”
  31. “Create a portrait of a couple”
  32. “Design a logo for a charity organization”
  33. “Generate a still life of a book and a candle”
  34. “Create a portrait of a senior citizen”
  35. “Design a logo for a consulting firm”
  36. “Generate a still life of a vase of succulents”
  37. “Create a portrait of a group of friends”
  38. “Design a logo for a health and wellness company”
  39. “Generate a still life of a bouquet of roses”
  40. “Create a portrait of a business executive”
  41. “Design a logo for a travel agency”
  42. “Generate a still life of a plate of sushi”
  43. “Create a portrait of a teacher”
  44. “Design a logo for a real estate company”
  45. “Generate a still life of a cupcake”
  46. “Create a portrait of a scientist”
  47. “Design a logo for a hair salon”
  48. “Generate a still life of a teapot and cup”
  49. “Create a portrait of a chef”
  50. “Design a logo for a gym”


This article was created by OpenAI

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